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Elon Musk Remove blocking feature from X

Elon Musk Remove blocking feature

Elon Musk
Elon Musk


Elon Musk Remove blocking feature from X. Elon Musk, the person behind X (known as Twitter), has said that they will get rid of the blocking option for users. He thinks this feature doesn’t make sense, so they’re going to take it away. This means people won’t be able to block others on X anymore. 

 Blocking Feature remove Elon Musk

Leader of X, before called Twitter, mentioned users can still prevent direct messages. People from sending them direct messages even after the blocking feature removed.   

But, lots of folks on social media concerned. They believe this change might make it difficult for users to delete hurtful posts.  

This is one of many adjustments Mr. Musk has introduced since buying the site for $44 billion last year.   

Right now, when users use the “block” feature, it stops the posts from that blocked account. This is for showing up on the person’s timeline who blocked them. And it also works the other way around.  

People worried that muting an account might not be enough to stop harassment or abuse.  

Muting Notifications removed by Elon Musk

Right now, muting only stops notifications about what an account posts. The account muted can still see what the person muting them posts and can even reply to those posts.  

Elon Musk
Elon Musk changed twitter to X


One user criticized Mr. Musk’s choice, calling it a big mistake. There are negative people on the platform that users want zero interaction with.  

Getting rid of the blocking feature might also break the rules of places like Apple’s App Store. 

Apple’s App Store and Google Play have rules saying social media apps users filter out harassment.  

This might lead to X not being available for download from those stores anymore.  

If this rule enforced, we’re not sure if all the accounts that blocked will become unblocked.   

Users can choose to make their account private, so only approved followers. so that they can see their posts, hiding them from the public.  

Elon Musk made many changes after taking charge of the social media site. He fired the top executives and started charging for the “blue tick” verification.  

Elon Musk is a prolific poster on X, and he’s well known for not always being serious. Many ideas he throws out to his 153 million followers. 

X itself rarely responds to journalist queries. So it’s difficult to verify anything he states on behalf of the firm. But, as its owner, he’s by default a significant, if unreliable, source. 

Block button removed by Elon Musk

The block button is an established tool for those who feel attacked, bullied. He want to shut out an account with whom they have a strong disagreement (and X is full of those). 

Report an account and one of the first bits of advice you get is to either block or mute it while it investigated. That’s not unique to X. 

When you mute an account, you can’t see what they post, but they can still see your posts. This might not feel right, as you’re staying visible to someone you’re trying to avoid or scared of.   

Musk wants his online platform, which he calls a “digital town square,” to let everyone speak up. But, he could be getting into trouble because of the rules set by app stores. Social media laws that aim to keep users safe from online dangers.  

He’s trying to strike a balance between letting everyone share their thoughts. To ensuring people protected from harm. But his decision might go against the rules of the app stores. Where you download the platform and the laws that keep social media a safe place.  

It’s a situation where he wants open conversations, he also needs to make sure people shielded harm online.  

Twitter changed to X

last month, Musk changed the company’s name to X and wanted it to become an “everything app.”  

After facing negative reactions, Aqueel Miqdad. Who works on X’s products, said on Twitter that if blocking removed, the mute option. Who could improved by adding some block-like functions. This might include stopping people from replying to tweets or quoting them. And moving block lists to mute lists.  

Musk shared Miqdad’s tweet and responded saying people are making a big deal out of nothing. He followed followed by a laughing emoji. 





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