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Gadar 2 criticism a non-hostile stance

Gadar 2 criticism

As “Gadar 2” achieved success, people asked Sunny Deol. if the movie promotes negativity towards Pakistan. And if movies can make religious problems worse.

Sunny Deol Gadar 2

Gadar 2
Gadar 2

In simpler terms, they wanted to know if the film could create tensions. Between different religious groups even worse if it portrayed Pakistan in a bad way.

Sunny Deol’s movie, “Gadar 2,” has been successful at the box office, but it’s not without its share of critics. Some people are unhappy with the film. Accusing it of being anti-Pakistani and depicting Muslims in a negative way.

In a recent interview, Sunny Deol responded to these criticisms. He refuted the claims and expressed his view that cinema should be seen. As a source of entertainment and not overanalyzed for its social and political implications. However, not everyone is applauding. Some segments of the audience have voiced concerns, labeling the film as “anti-Pakistani.” They argue that it portrays Pakistan in an unfavorable light and presents Muslims in a negative manner.

In response to these accusations, Sunny Deol defended his movie. He stressed that “Gadar 2″ was created with the intent of providing entertainment to the audience. And not as a vehicle for making political statements or promoting negativity. He dismissed the notion that the film had any anti-Pakistani or anti-Muslim agenda.

Sunny Deol’s perspective is that cinema should be taken as a form of escapism and enjoyment. He believes that while movies can address important issues. It’s essential not to dissect them too, as they are a means of offering entertainment and engagement to the public.

In essence, Sunny Deol’s stance is that “Gadar 2” should be appreciated for its entertainment value. And not seen as a reflection of real-world political or religious matters. He encourages the audience to view it through the lens of entertainment. Rather than as a statement of any kind.

Interview with BBC about Gadar 2

Gadar 2
Interview with BBC about Gadar 2

In an interview with BBC UK, Sunny Deol was questioned about the perception of his film as ‘anti-Pakistani.’ He acknowledged the historical animosity between India and Pakistan.

Sunny Deol expressed the belief that events in the past have created a sense of animosity. Between the two nations, but he also emphasized that time has passed, and it has now become a political issue.

He mentioned that many people in both India and Pakistan desire to move past these tensions. Acknowledging that they are ordinary human beings on both sides of the border. In a heartfelt Punjabi statement, he conveyed this sentiment.

Sunny Deol added that in the context of a film’s storytelling. There often needs to be a clear distinction between a hero and a villain. This distinction helps drive the narrative forward and engage the audience. Movies are just for entertainment purposes.

In essence, Sunny Deol’s response suggests that while historical tensions exist. He believes that people on both sides of the border should focus on their shared humanity. And that movies should be seen as a form of entertainment that sometimes employs storytelling conventions. Such as having characters like heroes and villains, to engage the audience.

Sunny Deol’s movie Gadar 2 clarified his approach to portraying characters in his films. He emphasized that in all his roles, he has never intended to denigrate anyone. He disapproves of such negative portrayals. Even in the case of Tara Singh, the character he plays. He believes that the character isn’t of that nature, and he values this kind of cinema.

Sunny Deol Pointed Gadar 2 is for Entertainment

Gadar 2
Gadar 2 is just for entertainment

He referred to his earlier film “Border” and pointed it. The events depicted in the movie were based on the experiences of soldiers during the war. Sunny Deol explained that they aimed to showcase what soldiers went through during those challenging times.

He went on to mention that sometimes, people interpret films and take them personally. In essence, he highlighted that while films like “Border” aimed to depict the experiences of soldiers. They should not be taken as personal attacks on any group or individuals.

Sunny Deol’s stance underscores his commitment to responsible filmmaking. Where characters are not meant to degrade anyone, and the portrayal of historical events should be seen. The context of storytelling rather than as personal affronts to any particular group.

Sunny Deol emphasized that we should view cinema as a form of entertainment. Gadar 2 Without attributing it with intentions to influence one side or another. He believes that movies are meant for a global audience. and are not designed to sway opinions in any particular direction. He noted that it’s only when certain groups of people interpret and discuss movies in specific ways that these ideas gain traction. He pointed out that these interpretations are often made by a minority of individuals, not the majority of viewers. These interpretations can then lead to waves of controversy and discussion.

The host raised concerns about the religious imagery associated with the villain character. In “Gadar 2” it could exacerbate tensions among communities. In response, Sunny Deol suggested not taking the film Gadar 2. He highlighted that in today’s world, there is a lot of content. Including digital platforms and news channels, that may have controversial elements. He argued that cinema should be seen as a source of entertainment.

Sunny Deol’s perspective underscores the idea that films should be enjoyed as a form of escapism and entertainment. Gadar 2 rather than being overanalyzed for their potential to shape opinions or influence. He suggests that people should keep in mind the distinction between entertainment and real-world issues. Especially in a time when various forms of media content like Gadar 2  are available and can sometimes be more contentious than cinema.


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