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safety rules from the EU are affecting apps like TikTok and Instagram

safety rules from the EU are affecting apps

The largest technology companies and search engines must now follow new rules set by the EU. These rules made to keep users safe online.

Safety rules from the EU
Safety rules from the EU

safety rules from the EU are affecting apps like TikTok and Instagram. These rules are like guidelines that these big tech companies have to follow. They have to do this to make sure that people using their services protected and not facing any harm.

The EU made these rules to make the internet a better and safer place for everyone. It’s a way to make sure that these companies are doing the right things to keep users safe. By getting into trouble or danger when they’re using their apps and websites.

safety rules from the EU According to the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), companies that don’t follow the rules can get fined a lot of money.

safety rules from the EU Nineteen big platforms, like Facebook and TikTok, have to follow strict rules. These rules make them plan ways to keep kids safe and prevent things like messing with elections.

Lots of these companies have already made changes, and some of these changes will affect users in the UK.

Even though the UK is still working on its own Online Safety Bill. The EU’s Digital Services Act became a law on November 16, 2022.

Companies had a chance to update their systems to follow the rules.

safety rules from the EU
safety rules from the EU

On April 25, the commission listed the biggest online platforms that would face the strictest rules. These platforms have more than 45 million users in the EU. Some of these are Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon Store, Apple App Store, Facebook, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, X (which used to be Twitter), Wikipedia, YouTube, and Zalando. Even search engines like Google and Bing will have to follow these rules.

They had four months to follow the act’s rules. Smaller tech services will need to follow these rules next year.

If they break the rules, they might have to pay a fine of 6% of their earnings. And in serious cases, their service could stopped for a while.

The DSA has extra things that these big platforms and search engines must do. They need to check the possible problems they could create, tell everyone about it, and find ways to fix those problems. This includes risks connected to their service.

Some content that breaks the law, like illegal stuff, is not allowed.

People’s rights, like being able to speak and media freedom, are important. Discrimination, protecting shoppers, and making sure kids are safe are also part of the rules.

Keeping the public safe and elections fair is another thing the rules cover.

Safety rules from the EU Things like violence against certain genders, public health, making sure kids are okay, and mental and physical health are all part of the rules too.

They can’t use ads that learn about kids and then show them specific ads anymore.

The companies need to tell the people who make sure they’re following the rules how their computer programs work. These programs decide what ads you see or what shows up in your feed. They also have to give data to independent researchers.

In blog articles and when talking to the BBC, companies have talked a lot about how hard they worked to follow the rules. Both TikTok and Meta said that over 1,000 people in their companies helped follow the act’s rules.

Lots of them have already made changes to their services. Some of these changes are about making ads and what shows up in your feed more personalized.

safety rules from the EU From July, TikTok decided to not show ads that based on what young users in Europe do online. This is for users who are between 13 and 17 years old.

Since February, apps like Facebook and Instagram by Meta stopped showing ads that based on what young users worldwide, aged 13 to 17, do in these apps.

In Europe, Facebook and Instagram gave people the choice to only see Stories and Reels from people they follow, and in the order they posted.

In the UK and Europe, Snapchat is also making rules. They won’t show ads that personalized for users who are 13 to 17 years old. They’re also making a collection of ads shown in Europe.

Some companies agreed to give more information to researchers. Google said they would allow more data access for those who want to know how Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and Shopping work.

But not everyone has explained their changes to the BBC when asked. X, which was Twitter before, said they are making progress to meet the rules in time.

Stores like Zalando and Amazon have taken legal action because they don’t agree with called very big online platforms. Amazon argues they aren’t the biggest store in any EU country they’re in.

Even though Amazon has its doubts, it has still taken steps to follow the rules. They’ve set up a new way for people to report things they think are illegal on their platform. Zalando said they will also follow the rules.

Wikipedia made a few changes because of the DSA, but the group behind Wikipedia says these changes won’t disrupt how people usually use the site. safety rules from the EU They believe the DSA’s way of controlling things is better than the online safety bill’s way. They also said that some of the rules in the UK’s law would be tough for them to follow.

Safety rules from the EU Phil Bradley-Schmieg, a legal advisor at the Wikimedia Foundation, said to the BBC, “We want lawmakers to follow the example of the DSA. They should know about the different parts of the internet and keep projects that are safe, free, and open online.”

In simpler words, the Wikimedia Foundation hopes that lawmakers will learn from the DSA’s approach. They want them to understand the different parts of the internet and make sure projects that are safe, free, and open can continue online.


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