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Usman Shinwari picks Sarfaraz Ahmad as his “favourite” captain

usman shinwari picks sarfaraz ahmad


Sarfaraz Ahmad
Usman Shinvari picks Sarfaraz Ahmad as his favorite caption

Sarfaraz Ahmad Former captain

Sarfaraz Ahmad, a name synonymous with Pakistan cricket, is a cricketer who has left an indelible mark on the sport. Born on May 22, 1987, in Karachi, Pakistan, Sarfaraz rose through the ranks to become the captain of the Pakistan national cricket team. His journey from a young aspiring cricketer to a leader of men is a story of determination, resilience, and a deep love for the game.

Sarfaraz’s career began in the bustling streets of Karachi, where he honed his cricketing skills in the local clubs and schools. His talent was evident from a young age, and he quickly made his way into domestic cricket. His wicket-keeping abilities and gritty batting performances caught the eye of selectors, earning him a spot in the national squad.

One of the defining moments of Sarfaraz’s career came during the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup. His electrifying glove work behind the stumps and crucial contributions with the bat played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s victory in the tournament. This win marked a turning point in Pakistan’s cricketing history, and Sarfaraz’s role was pivotal.

However, it was in 2015 that Sarfaraz truly cemented his place in the team. He was appointed as the vice-captain, and his leadership qualities began to shine through. His tenure as vice-captain coincided with a period of uncertainty and turmoil in Pakistan cricket. The team was facing challenges both on and off the field, but Sarfaraz’s commitment and passion for the game were unwavering.

Sarfaraz Ahamd
Sarfaraz Ahamd former captain

In 2017, Sarfaraz Ahmad was handed the captaincy of the Pakistan cricket team in all formats. This was a significant moment in his career and life, as he was entrusted with leading one of the most passionate cricketing nations in the world. Under his leadership, Pakistan achieved some remarkable victories, including the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy triumph, where they defeated arch-rivals India in the final.

Sarfaraz’s captaincy style was characterized by his calm demeanor, strategic acumen, and ability to motivate his team in challenging situations. He led by example, putting his body on the line for the team and making selfless contributions with the bat and behind the stumps.

However, leadership in Pakistan cricket also came with its share of challenges. Sarfaraz faced criticism and scrutiny, particularly during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, where Pakistan failed to make it to the semifinals. Despite the disappointment, Sarfaraz maintained his dignity and continued to lead with grace.

In October 2019, Sarfaraz was removed from captaincy duties in all formats. This decision was met with mixed reactions from fans and experts, but Sarfaraz remained committed to the game. He continued to represent Pakistan as a player and focused on regaining his form.

Sarfaraz’s story is a testament to the ups and downs that come with a career in professional sports. His journey from a young boy in Karachi to the captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team is an inspiration to many aspiring cricketers. His resilience, dedication, and love for the game have left an enduring legacy in Pakistan cricket.

As of my knowledge cutoff date is in September 2021, Sarfaraz Ahmed continues to be an active cricketer and remains a valuable asset for Pakistan in various formats of the game. His contributions, both as a player and a leader, have earned him a special place in the hearts of cricket fans worldwide.

Usman Shinwari, a former Pakistan Test bowler, named Sarfaraz Ahmed as his favorite captain.

When Nadir Ali, a YouTuber, asked Shinwari to choose his favorite captain, the lanky bowler immediately mentioned Sarfaraz, the wicketkeeper-batter.

I played the majority of my international cricket matches with Sarfaraz as captain and two to three PSL games with Babar. But Sarfaraz is my favorite,” added Shinwari.

Sarfaraz is an amazing human being. He used to become quite upset while serving as captain, but after the game, he would apologize,” the source continued. Usman Shinwari then disclosed one aspect of Sarfaraz Ahmed’s leadership style that he would change.

If I were to change anything about his captaincy, Shinwari said, “I would suggest that whatever he says in the heat of the moment, he should say it after the game.”

The majority of the things he does are flawless, but it is the only thing, he insists on. Sarfaraz Ahmed, according to Shinwari, damaged his batting career while captaining the national team.

“I believe that serving as captain damaged his hitting career. He served as captain for four years until being removed as a result, according to Shinwari.

He occasionally batted at number six and occasionally at number seven, indicating that he did not develop his strength. As captain, he had the ability to bat higher in the order, score runs, and strengthen his position.

But during the course of those four years, he played substantially less baseball and sacrificed his hitting career for the club. Sarfaraz Ahmed, who has led his team to 11 straight triumphs in the T20I series and two ICC trophies (the Champions Trophy and U19 World Cup), is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most successful captains.

Prior to Usman Shinwari, notable Pakistan-based umpire Aleem Dar, elite pacers Umar Gul, and Wahab Riaz referred to wicketkeeper-batsman as their preferred captain.

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